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34 years old, Female
Last Seen: October 24 2017 16:30:42

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I am a gentle, sensitive and feminine girl. I have a happy bubbly personality, always smiling and try to make the people around me smile. I am a positive person, self motivated and committed to whatever it is that I am doing. I am loyal and make du'a that Allah swt allows me to continue to be sincere in all of my relationships. I am very caring and loving, and do my utmost to support those who need me. I've been told that I am witty, funny and fun to be around. Being a reflective person, I try to better myself everyday. I believe central to a woman's character is her modesty, and this is something I stand firm in. I uphold good manners and Islamic etiquette in the various roles I play in my life, be it a daughter, friend, teacher and at the pinnacle, as a wife inshaAllah. Islam is not only my way of life but it is my passion! I thrive off learning and am committed to developing in the deen. I see my life as a journey, where each day should serve to bring me closer to Allah swt...I do this through learning and then transforming this knowledge into action bi'ithnillah. My hobbies include seeking knowledge, travelling and going to the gym, which is 'me' time.

What I am looking for: The most important thing for me is someone who fears Alllah and strives to implement the sunnah. I dont want someone who's overly attached to this world and obsessed with gaining wealth. Allah is Ar Razzaq (The Sustainer)...however Allah also tells us in order to receive this sustenance we have to make the effort and not sit at home and expect to get it. I want someone who values my opinions and feelings, and doesn't abuse his role in the other words i dont want a dictator. Somone whose kind, gentle, caring and romantic. To sum it up i want someone who treats me like a simple princess and in return i'll treat him like a KING :) I am a practicing Muslim, who knows how to enjoy life with a focus on Akhirah. I would like to think of myself as a soft and kind hearted person with a lot of love to give . I will happily be a listener to anyone that needs a talk, I can have a giggle and joke around at times and will always be smiley, but when it comes to learning about religion I take this very seriously and inshAllah would love to meet someone who has similar beliefs and attitudes towards life as me.

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I am: Female Country: UNITED STATES
Real Name: Samia City: San Diego

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Somali, English,
Job Title: Midwife

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