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35 years old, Male
Last Seen: April 04 2018 12:52:00

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Al-hamdullillaah... im a brother striving to be upon the way and methodology of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi was-sallam) and his Noble Companions, and those Ulamaah that follow that path... al-Hamdullillaah.. I have a love for the pursuit of knowledge (Islamic knowledge)..maashaa'Allaah, knowing that true Taqwah can only be attained by acquiring that and acting in accordance.. I would describe myself as outgoing, fun loving, very good sense of humor, very serious about the deen, patient, caring, sensitive, romantic... maashaa'Allaah I am 5ft11, fit athletic build, like keeping fit etc etc

What I am looking for: Im looking for a sister with good qualities, one who has true love for the deen and for following the sunnah.. One who strives for the aakhirah, and seeks al-jannah.. One with good adab and akhlaaq..which is very important to me. One who can admit when she is wrong and rectify without pride and stubbornness (as i am one who will openley admit MY errors (and strive to rectify) if it is found to be present, al-hamdullillaah) She will definately bring out the good qualities within myself... as i can be a very very sensuous, romantic, passionate person..maashaa'Allaah, and i see them as vital ingredients for a good healthy marriage... I like a sister who loves the pursuit of 'ilm, and strives to act according to it, knowing that taqwah can only be found in doing that... One with a good sense of humor...as i am a fun loving individual, can be extremely funny, and love to chill out sometimes..but having said that one who knows how to balance all that... also, one who likes to look presentable to her husband (and we all know what that mean without going into details)..keeping fit if need be etc etc....this also applys to the man, as this is also a vital ingredient for the relationship and something which is highly recommended in the Sunnah (for both parties) One that, if there is a dispute, will return the affair back to the book and the sunnah, with the understanding of our pious salaf..and find comfort and contentment in the outcome wa Jazaakullaahu khayran was-salaamu alaykum

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I am: Male Country: UNITED KINGDOM
Real Name: Hassan City: London

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Somali, English,
Job Title: Engineer

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