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29 years old, Female
Last Seen: June 22 2017 07:48:07

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Hey like most of you I’m here to find a potential partner as I'm at that point in life where I'm ready for the all important commitment that is marriage...not to forget all the trials and tribulations that accompany it. I'm not here to socialise, gain a Facebook, msn, BBM or random texting friend so those who feel marriage isn't for them then I'm not suitable for you. I’m a fun loving girl, always up for a laugh with a cheeky sense of humour. I’m a very bubbly person which makes it easy for me to get along with people. I’m very mature for my age so I’ve been told but serious when needed but deep down I’m a big kid at heart. I have a good balance of Islamic, traditional and modern values but nevertheless I’m not perfect and there’s lots of room for improvement and inshAllah them changes will happen. By no means am I perfect and I’m not looking for the perfect partner. I’m looking for someone who will accept me for my imperfections and flaws….they can't be that bad seen as my friends and family put up with me. I’m ambitious and focussed and want to achieve things in life so need a partner in crime. I’m confident, wise and quite intellectual when I want to be so those of you who are intimidated by an intellectual woman, I’m definitely not for you. That’s a very brief summary of me, if you liked anything or want to know more just get in touch, Happy searching and inshAllah we'll all find the one soon

What I am looking for: I'd love to meet someone with a bubbly personality who has good morals and values. Someone who i click with and be able to hold intellectual conversations with as well as them daft random conversations which don’t make sense (you all know the type im talking about lol) I want a best friend, someone who I can share absolutely everything with who i can trust and whos going to be there for me through thick and thin. In return you'll get the same back plus loads more : )

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I am: Female Country: UNITED KINGDOM
Real Name: Huda City: London

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Beard: No
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Somali, English, Arabic,
Job Title: Social worker

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