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32 years old, Male
Last Seen: June 22 2017 07:48:07

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I would like to think or hope I am a well-balanced individual, who aspires towards self- improvement in all areas of my life. These include (in no particular order) my career, deen and family. I count each day as a blessing and am thankful to Allah for all that He has provided me and my family. I am conscience of the fact there are people in the world in less fortunate situations and thus I am always grateful for the things I have, and do not dwell on that I do not. I live life to the full and am usually open to trying new things, even if it is just the once (sushi). In recent years I’ve visited the Middle East, Far East, Asia, Africa and Europe. I believe travelling helps broaden the mind and in my case it has opened my eyes to the realities of life. My only regret to date is not having travelled to Makkah for either the Hajj or Ummrah, although I have made the intention to do this as soon as practically possible, Insha’Allaah. Travelling aside, I enjoy the regular stuff like spending quality time with my friends and family, dining out, keeping fit etc. I love comedy and I also enjoy watching factual documentaries. My goals for the future are to Insha’Allaah get married, do as much travelling as I can before the kids arrive and to raise a family (Allah knows best). I’m open to relocating abroad if the right opportunity came along, preferably somewhere warm.

What I am looking for: First of all who fears ALLAH (SWT) and always try to please HIM. I am looking for someone who I can trust blindly. Someone who I can love, who can respect, who I can see myself growing old with, who will be my strength, who will stand by me does not matter what life throws at us, who wears hijab and does five times salah. Someone, who is very down to earth as a person, Please note, if you are loud, rude, arrogant, stuck up then certainly we not going to be a nice match), someone who follows at least the basic principles of Islam. I am looking for someone who knows how to make a marriage successful and what to expect from a marriage. Someone, who I would be really looking forward to see when I come home and will give me a big hug, someone who got a smile in her face (don’t worry, if you are sad, Then Inshallah I will put a smile in your face!) If you are still reading, then I will take the opportunity to thank you for reading my profile. My apologies in advance, if I have not responded you. May ALLAH (SWT) guide us all to find the right partner. Amen.

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I am: Male Country: NETHERLANDS
Real Name: Adam City: Amsterdam

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Somali, English, Dutch,
Job Title: Letting negotiator

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