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32 years old, Male
Last Seen: June 22 2017 07:48:07

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1. Muslim. So guess what? I pray and fast etc, I don’t drink or smoke etc but I’m far from being a saint. 2. Travel. Yes I do have a passport and I know how to use it. 3. Films & music. I am able to sit down and watch a film on a cinema screen, TV, laptop, tablet and even phone. As for music, umm I listen to it (there goes half of my potential wives). 4. This is actually the best one, are you ready for it? Balance of East & West! Need I say anymore? 5. Education. Yes I am literate; I’m writing this aren’t I? Or am I? 6. Family. Yes, educated & respectable background. 7. Friends. Yes I have friends and they come from respectable families too. 8. Yada yada yada blah blah blah etc etc etc Ok so joking aside let’s see what else I can tell you besides the obvious stuff that we all write. I love food of all types but nothing beats homemade cooking. Yes I can cook and I’m not half-bad so it’d be pretty cool if you had an interest in food too. I’m a pretty laid back person, don’t like getting stressed out so if you haven’t got a mellow nature I’m not sure things would work out. I have a sense of humour that at times can be a little off-beat. OK now for the terms & conditions, I WON’T REPLY to the following profiles (or if you don't fulfil the "What am I looking for?" part below): - If you have no VISIBLE picture of yourself (no time to play hide and seek). Just as you can see what I look like I'd appreciate the same courtesy. Sorry to be so blunt but I'm not here to make friends or waste my time or yours.

What I am looking for: Fair's fair, here's your checklist: If you have an envious nature and by that I mean jealous of others and not a well-wisher for others then please move on. There's a reason why I put this at the top of the list so please don't just skim over this point! If you have an envious nature and by that I mean jealous of others and not a well-wisher for others then please move on. Deja vu? Just thought I'd reiterate the point in case you did skim over it the first time. I’m looking for someone who is at least trying to practise their deen but not to the extreme (too strict or too lax). Needs to be educated as well as have some common sense. Unfortunately common sense is not as its name suggests, common! Being 6' tall I’d like someone to complement me height wise so ideally you'd be 5’7” +/- 2 inches. Sorry but I can't help what I like and for me the taller the better! Attraction on all levels including physical should be MUTUAL.

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I am: Male Country: UNITED STATES
Real Name: Zack City: Ohio

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Somali, English,
Job Title: Fitness instructor

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